FUN. A 3 Letter F-Word?

Do you remember the most fun workplace you ever worked? Do you remember when innocent fun at work made you want to go to work? Do you remember having a best friend at work? When did things change or, have they?  So many questions with interesting answers. I remember workplaces where fun ruled and the work always got done, alongside the laughter, joy and camaraderie. Maybe that was a long time ago… in the past several years things have really changed. We now find ourselves in situations where some people are afraid to say much of anything for fear of being accused of violating respectful workplace policies or harassment policies. These are good things to have in place in workplaces, no question! I am not advocating that we […]

You’ve Got the Power!

Do you ever think about what you say? I mean really think about it? Sure, there are conversations where we choose our words wisely (think about a conversation with your boss, or a police officer). But what about the words you say to yourself…? We all have an internal dialogue and if we were really […]


I think I can, I think I can, I think I can….. “I can’t.” What a powerful statement. I hear this everywhere, from my clients, my audiences, my friends, my family. I have even been known to use these words myself. But that was before I knew better…… What does “I can’t” mean?  I can’t turn […]

CONTAGIOUS: Is ENERGY the New Currency?

Have you ever wondered what draws you to certain people? Is it similar interests, personality, their “look”? You’ve had this experience before…someone walks into a room and you feel like the life has been sucked out of you. Alternately, you have a conversation with someone and leave the conversation feeling positive and energized. Why is […]

GUEST BLOG! Fierce Females

This article was written by Brittany J. L. May and originally appeared on What is it that empowers you most? Well as cliché as it sounds, helping people is what empowers me! When I feel like I am making a difference to someone, I feel like I am living my purpose. What is it that […]

10 Weeks to Make Vitality a Reality!

So, you want your life to change… want to feel better, look better, BE better! Then YOU have to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  Struggling with where to start?  Here are some tips to get you started and moving in the right direction. Don’t stop after week 10, keep using the framework to strategically move into the […]

Get Out of My Way!

How often have you thought or said these words maybe in a Tim’s line up, at the grocery store, or on the road?  Sometimes we gather our conscience and self-control and utter “excuse me” or “could I please go past?” but it really all says the same thing… move it! People are slowing us down, […]

The Inflammation Lamentation

“Im soooo tired!”, “I ache all over!”, “I keep gaining weight even though I exercise and eat healthy!”  Sound like you or anyone you know?  Have you been wondering “what’s wrong with me?!?” Well you aren’t alone and in fact, you may be expressing the often heard inflammation lamentation.  That is, expressing some common symptoms […]

You and Your Bestie…

Who laughs when you laugh, cries with you, kicks your butt when you need it and calms you down when you are enraged? If your answer is your best friend (which may in fact, be your spouse!), you’d be in good company and likely, enjoying some significant health benefits as a result. If your answer […]